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Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed for your convenience some answers to frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis. If you have any questions that you don't see here, feel free to email us.

Question: This food supplement seems too good to be true. Does it really have all these benefits without drawbacks?

Answer: This is often a reaction of individuals, including doctors, when they first hear about this product. Surely no food supplement can have this many profound health benefits without some drawback or side-effect? But Natural Cellular Defense™ really is in a class of its own, with the only possible side-effect being dehydration as metal ions are removed from our bodies. For this reason, it is essential to be well hydrated when taking Natural Cellular Defense™ (8 or 10 glasses of pure water a day).

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Question: Where does the zeolite used in Natural Cellular Defense™ come from?

Answer: Natural Cellular Defense™ zeolite raw material comes from zeolite mines in Montana and Texas which are renowned for their exceptionally high purity.

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Question: How does Natural Cellular Defense™ remove heavy metals but not healthy ones?

Answer: It is all down to the size, shape and electronic configuration of the zeolite cages which have the greatest affinity for heavy metals. The lighter healthy metals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, on the other hand, are smaller ions and so their affinity to the zeolite cage in orders of magnitude is less. In any case, Natural Cellular Defense™ comes pre-loaded or activated with these healthy ions, so substitution results not just in the loss of a toxic ion, but the gain of a healthy one in its place.

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Question: If Natural Cellular Defense™ removes foreign metal ions from the body, can it attack fillings, hip replacements or breast implants?

Answer: Absolutely not. The mechanism by which Natural Cellular Defense™ removes heavy metals from the body is entirely passive and so it can only remove metal ions that are in free solution. There is no way that it can pull mercury, for example, from fillings, titanium from hip replacements, or silicon from breast implants.

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Question: Is there research to back up the claims made for Natural Cellular Defense™?

Answer: No claim would be responsibly made for liquid zeolite unless it was substantiated by some research. It is true that liquid zeolite is a new health supplement, but zeolites in general are very well researched and there are many tried and tested medical and industrial uses for this mineral complex. Research specifically on the health benefits of liquid zeolite is being accumulated.

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Question: Natural Cellular Defense™ contains aluminum ions - isn't this dangerous?

Answer: The aluminum in Natural Cellular Defense™ is very strongly bonded into the cage-like structure. It would take temperatures of 900F to break this metal free from the zeolite crystal. Therefore, there is no chance that Natural Cellular Defense™ can introduce any aluminum into the body. In fact, this supplement is able to remove aluminum that has accumulated in the body in the same way that it removes heavy metals.

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Question: Can the elimination of "spent" Natural Cellular Defense™ affect kidney function?

Answer: There are absolutely no reported problems with spent Natural Cellular Defense™ elimination. The zeolite is eliminated completely after it has gone through its cycle in the body (around 7 hours) and does not accumulate.

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Question: Does Natural Cellular Defense™ affect liver function?

Answer: By reducing the body's toxic load, Natural Cellular Defense™ makes the liver's job much easier and takes the strain off of this vital detoxification organ. This leads to a healthier liver.

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Question: How does Natural Cellular Defense™ differ from classic chelators that also pull heavy metals and other toxins out of the body?

Answer: When Natural Cellular Defense™ removes heavy metals from the body by placing the metal ion in a molecular cage, it effectively inactivates that ion, meaning that it cannot react with anything in the process of being expelled (a reaction that is popularly called a detox syndrome or healing crisis). In this way, the heavy metals and other toxins bound up by the liquid zeolite are unable to do any damage to the kidneys or bladder in the process of elimination. The only type of reaction that Natural Cellular Defense™ can cause in its detoxification is slight dehydration, which can be easily remedied by making sure you drink plenty of water each day (which you should be doing anyway for optimum health).

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Question: I have heard that Natural Cellular Defense™ can balance blood sugar. Is this so?

Answer: Yes, Natural Cellular Defense™ is able to balance blood sugar because the glucose molecule is positively charged and it adsorbs or sticks to the outside of the zeolite cage (the glucose molecule is too big to fit inside). By taking up excess glucose, zeolite helps to buffer blood glucose levels in the same way that it can also help buffer blood pH levels by mopping up excess hydrogen ions.

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Question: Can Natural Cellular Defense™ safely be taken by pregnant or nursing women?

Answer: The FDA considers these zeolites to be completely safe and non toxic for anyone -- any age and gender, including pregnant and nursing women. It's safe because it is not only non toxic, but 100% excreted... there is absolutely no build up or depositing of Natural Cellular Defense™ in the body. Biochemist Rik Deitsch points out that a recent study by the Red Cross showed that umbilical cords of newborn babies had over 200 toxic compounds identified in them, 71 of which are potentially carcinogenic. So in his opinion it is not only safe for pregnant and nursing mothers to supplement with liquid zeolite, but may even be a necessary factor for optimum health of mother and baby.

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Question: How long does Natural Cellular Defense™ remain in the body?

Answer: Research shows that Natural Cellular Defense™ stays in the body about five to seven hours before it is 100% eliminated. This is why directions state that it should be taken three or four times a day in order to maintain adequate levels in the body.

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Question: How efficient is Natural Cellular Defense™ absorption in the intestines?

Answer: About 60% of the Natural Cellular Defense™ you ingest is absorbed into the blood. The rest stays in the intestinal lining where it helps to protect the body from toxic absorption.

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Question: Should Natural Cellular Defense™ be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

Answer: It makes absolutely no difference to its detoxifying abilities; it seems to work just as efficiently in either case.

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Question: Can children take this health supplement?

Answer: Our children live in the same toxic world that we do, except that their bodies are in a state of development, which actually means that they are more susceptible to toxic influences than adults are. Natural Cellular Defense™ is not only safe for children to take (give them a smaller dose in proportion to their weight in comparison with that of an average adult), but could possibly be beneficial for them during their developmental stages.

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Question: Is Natural Cellular Defense™ a food supplement or a drug?

Answer: Many food supplements, like Vitamin C or Omega 3, can be used therapeutically, but that does not define them as drugs. The way the current classification is set up is a little arbitrary. It was originally made at a time when the medical profession did not appreciate that nutritional components could have such a powerful role in health and the recovery from disease. Natural Cellular Defense™ is essentially a specialist mineral water that is sold as a food supplement. Probably the best distinction between a food supplement and a drug is that the former tends to be a lot safer and have less side-effects than the latter. From this point of view, Natural Cellular Defense™ is most definitely a supplement.

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Question: Does Natural Cellular Defense™ need refrigeration after opening?

Answer: No. Natural Cellular Defense™ is a mineral solution, and in that regard, it's as stable as a salt solution. You would not need to refrigerate a salt solution after opening. It does have a use-by date (usually underneath the bottle) which is generally set for 2 or 3 years. This limit is similar to bottled water and allows for the potential growth of bacteria in any solution. You will use up a bottle within a month anyway so this shouldn't be an issue.

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Question: Why is this product sold via MLM?

Answer: MLM is an efficient and cost-effective method to penetrate the health market consciously, without having to educate every shop assistant into selling the product. Dr. Rik Deitsch, the biochemist who licensed liquid zeolite to Waiora, believed that the product was so extraordinary that the enthusiasm of MLM would be the fastest way to get liquid zeolite out to the public where it is most needed.

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Question: Can I take too much Natural Cellular Defense™?

Answer: Natural Cellular Defense™ is a very safe and non-toxic supplement, but you are wasting your time if you take more than 15 drops at a time (the maximum amount that the intestines can absorb). Extra zeolite just stays in the stomach where it detoxifies and then gets eliminated in the normal way. One way around this maximum is to take the 15 drops more often — 4 times a day instead of 3 times.

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The real question is... what would happen if you could free your mind and body of toxins, unleash the true natural healing powers of your body, and boost your health to quite possibly the highest level it's ever been? What would that feel like? There's only one way to find out.

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