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"Zeolite and Autism - a study"

A study is currently going on about zeolite and its effects on autism. To participate in the study or to find more information on zeolite and autism, go to Zeolite Autism Study.

Studies by Professor James Adams, PhD and other doctors have shown that mercury is prevalent in many children with autism. Other studies suggest a possible link between Thimerosal concentration found in many vaccines and the high mercury levels in autistic children.

Since Natural Cellular Defense™ is very efficient at eliminating mercury and other toxins from the body, there is a possibility that it may be useful for treating the effects of autism. In fact, there are testimonials saying it does just that. Many parents have seen their children's language and social skills improve.

One particularly powerful testimonial involves a child named Lucas and his amazing results after taking zeolite. You can learn about his story from the following links:

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Zeolite Autism